Consulting Services Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The right Consultant for you

Never find yourself short on staff. Concentrate on other priorities and let us handle the intricacies of finding the perfect consultant for your project, whether for:

  • Short term
  • Long term
  • Increased workload
  • New project
  • Extended leave
  • Any other specific need
Consulting Services


  • Simple : a single call is all it takes
  • Professional, credit and criminal background checks
  • Our consultant can benefit from our group insurance coverage
  • A direct and privileged link between your project manager and SERTI
  • Constant monitoring and follow-up between SERTI and the consultant



  • No hidden costs: our hourly rate covers our fees, all payroll for the consultant such as deductions, vacation and administrative fees.
  • Highly-competitive hourly rates
  • Your administrative duties are cut down
  • Available conversion of temporary contracts to permanent jobs


SERTI supports and assists its customers in the recruitment of IT professionals. Maximizing each step is crucial when looking for THE best candidate to fit your particular needs. Every request entrusted to SERTI has a significant importance, our selection process is divided into the following steps, which are meticulously followed and respected:

  • 1 Understanding your request: comprehending the details to better fulfill your needs
  • 2 Finding the right candidate through a specific and targeted research process
  • 3 Selecting potential candidates through a rigorous and complete evaluation interview
  • 4 Submitting THE candidate, with our interview report and his complete resume
  • 5 Securing your agreement on the candidate's profile
  • 6 Following up on the client/candidate interview
  • 7 Authenticating the candidate's references
  • 8 Finalizing candidate selection