Imagine that you are the victim of ransomware and that you no longer have access to your data or installations for days, or even weeks!

SERTI and Secure Digitale advent invite you to participate in a 5-day workshop on cybersecurity which will be held from November 8 to 12. Forget the old-fashioned training models, SDA-ACADEMY offers you live virtual training with instructors and scenarios you will face just like in the real world. It is a learning experience superior to passive viewing of videos and reading books.

Register your team for this unique training covering very important topics, such as:
- Network Security
- Intrusion testing
- Windows Forensics

Your team will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and measure their performance through real-world cybercrime scenarios using the CYBERIUM ARENA simulator.

During this training, participants will develop their own toolbox that will allow them to analyze and respond effectively to the various attacks and malicious intrusions that your business may be facing. In addition, the training is interactive with an instructor and a support team to assist participants.



Take the lead and protect your business from attacks by signing up your teams for this important training. Your teams will train on their own computer. At the end of the course, everything that has been done remains in the utilities and knowledge toolbox for your team to do their jobs effectively. The workshop will be offered in English and bilingual instructors can assist participants as needed.

This 5-day training is 100% online, and organized by SERTI, in partnership with SDA-Academy.

Register by October 15 and benefit from a full-day of services from an expert in the field, to assess the security of your business. 



The core curriculum is comprised of the most popular topics to make you an effective first responder to cyber attacks and criminal activity. So it pays to get up to speed quickly and get support in the real world. Learn how to attack to acquire the skills necessary for defense through real-life scenarios.