international recruitment

international recruitment

A career opportunity in Quebec for you

You are a curious, meticulous person, you want to act like an entrepreneur in the realization and implementation of highly technological projects in a dynamic environment.

Our development and support teams are the ideal environments that will allow you to realize yourself, grow and contribute to an ambitious and exciting project.

Do you want to cross the ocean and discover magnificent new horizons? Come work with us, in French, in Quebec!

Your arrival in Canada

Integration is essential for a newcomer to Canada holding a WHV permit, temporary work permit or permanent resident status.

SERTI provides logistical support and accompaniment during the administrative procedures for your arrival and the search for accommodations. SERTI also helps you familiarize yourself with a new environment and in the integration of your spouse and family - and with schools.

SERTI also supports you in achieving a successfull integration into employment and offers tools, references and advice to make this Canadian experience a success.

Permits and Visas

It is not easy to understand all the workings of immigration to Canada: Quebec Acceptance Certificate, Quebec Selection Certificate, Working Holiday Permit, temporary work permit, permanent residence ...

Fortunately, our team will help you with the permit and visa procedures, for you and for the members of your family who will accompany you.

We are privileged to have already facilitated the immigration of a few talents in recent years - we have the experience and the know-how!

With a partner such as SERTI on your side, your approach can only go better!

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